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Pumpkin Carvers Needed To CARVE THOUSANDS OF PUMPKINS for 2024!

June 1, 2024

RISE of the Jack O'Lanterns, Long Island's most visited fall experience, is looking for a few good pumpkin carvers!! For the third year in a row, The RISE will take place at our new home, USDAN Summer Camp for the Arts, centrally located in Melville!

We will be carving thousands of pumpkins throughout September and October to put on display at our event. Because carved pumpkins only last a few days, we'll be re-carving fresh pumpkins each week throughout the show run.

In order to deliver our signature event, we're going to be adding more carvers to our existing team. If you've ever wanted to get paid to carve pumpkins, here's your chance! We have several open carving spots available in the following departments:


The RISE is looking for a few good carvers to carve classic jack o'lantern faces into pumpkins. Our classic pumpkin carvers are paid hourly. Candidates will need to

  1. show that they can carve a decent pumpkin.
  2. carve and gut about 50 pumpkins per 8-hour shift.
  3. pickup and put down dozens of 20-pound pumpkins daily.
  4. participate in pumpkin placement on-trail and disposal of pumpkins.
  5. work 1 to 2 days per week as needed. Mostly daytime hours.

If you have questions about this position or would like to apply, please email


For those of you who have professional art training, specifically in painting and illustrating, you are invited to apply to our fine art creative team. If selected, you will be instructed in how to create intricate illustrations and carvings on massive pumpkins. All we ask is that you have experience in illustrative painting. All large art pumpkins are first painted, so this is the primary skill you will need. The remaining carving and sculpting aspects of the project will be taught to you. All pumpkins are hand-painted, carved, and gutted in our on-site studio at USDAN. Various studio hours available. Artists are paid on a per-pumpkin basis for each completed illustration, carve, and gutting produced.

If you have questions about this position or would like to apply, please email

Jack olanterns

Join our team and your creations will be featured on

Long Island's Original and Longest Jack O'Lantern Trail!

World's Longest Jack O'Lantern Trail

World's Longest Jack o'Lantern Trail!

Our trail spans 4,200 feet and is the longest jack o'lantern trail in the world! It's three times longer than our previous trail at Old Westbury Gardens!