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Updated 09/02/2023 for the 2023 Season.

By placing your order, YOU UNDERSTAND AND YOU ARE AGREEING TO our general NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES POLICY.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL. THE RISE IS OPEN RAIN OR SHINE unless an unsafe condition is present as noted below.

The RISE is a very expensive event to produce.  Once you purchase your tickets, the funds are immediately used to deliver the experience to you on the specific date and time you purchased for.  If you choose not to attend, your tickets are NOT refundable because those funds have been used to deliver the event regardless of whether you were there or not.

***NEW FOR 2023! The Self-Swap Tool!***
All Tickets are NOW EXCHANGEABLE into any open timeslot during the 2023 season!

For the first time ever, you can now exchange your tickets for a different date or time by using our NEW (for 2023!) Self Swap system! You can now buy your tickets knowing that you can exchange them to any available future date/time in 2023. REMEMBER - the key here is any future available date and time in 2023. We cannot guarantee that any future 2023 date/time will be available when you attempt to exchange your tickets - some/most timeslots sell out as the event dates get closer. Also - 2023 - you must use your tickets for the date/time you purchased for OR for a new date and time in 2023 that you successfully exchange them into using this tool. Once the season is over, you will not be able to exchange them for any dates in future years.

Here are the rules for using the Self Swap tool to exchange your tickets for another date / time in the 2023 season:

*** The Self Swap tool is BRAND NEW (Sept 2023). If you have any problems using it, please contact us and let us know so we can work out any potential bugs with the tool. ***

When NOT to use the SELF SWAP TOOL:

  1. MEETING WITH FRIENDS WHO HAVE A DIFFERENT TIMESLOT ON THE SAME NIGHT AS YOU: If you have tickets for a particular timeslot and your friends have tickets for a different timeslot ON THE SAME EVENING, you can all go in together, as long as you all go in at the LATER timeslot. (Sorry, this doesn't apply the other way - if two groups have tickets for different times on the same evening, they can only enter at the later time - not the earlier time - if they want to go in together).

  2. LATE ARRIVALS: If you think you'll be late for your timeslot, DON'T WORRY. If you arrive later in the same evening than the timeslot you purchased for, you'll get in when you arrive. Just make sure you get in the parking lot before the gate closes, which is 10 minutes after the last timeslot of the evening. You will not need to use the Self-Swap tool or contact us to change the time on your ticket - your earlier timed ticket will be honored later that same night. (Sorry, this doesn't apply the other way. If you arrive before your designated timeslot, you will not be permitted early entry).

  3. GATE CLOSED EXCHANGE: Entry to the parking lot closes 10 minutes after the last timeslot. If you arrive after the gate closes, you will be denied entry, because we are already following shut down procedures. We hope this doesn't happen to you but if it does, the guard at the booth will record your order number. All you have to do is contact us with your matching order number within 24 hours and we will provide you with a no-fee exchange into any future available 2023 timeslot of lesser or equal value.

Please use the Self-Swap automated exchange tool if you need to exchange your tickets. THERE IS NO NEED TO CONTACT US ABOUT EXCHANGES. If you need RISE staff to exchange your tickets manually, additional exchange fees will be assessed. These fees include:

  1. If your ticket date/time is more than 48 hours in the future, a $5.00 per ticket fee for RISE staff to exchange your tickets manually will apply. (Just use the self-swap tool, it's free!)
  2. If your ticket date/time is less than 48 hours in the future, a $10.00 per ticket fee for RISE staff to exchange your tickets manually will apply. (Again, use the self-swap tool, it's free!)
  3. If your ticket date/time is in the past, RISE staff will not be able to exchange your tickets. (But the self-swap tool will work)
  4. Also, we cannot guarantee that we can process your exchange request if you contact us to do so manually, so please use the Self Swap tool.


Tickets for The RISE are not refundable, as noted above. However, we do provide refunds for the following two reasons only:

  1. DOUBLE ORDER REFUND: Sometimes visitors try to place an order for tickets and they aren't sure if the order went through so they try again and end up with two orders going through. In this case, we will refund one of the orders, as long as we're notified within 30 days. (If you try to place an order and you're not sure if it went through, check your email for the automated email we send immediately after every order is placed - maybe give it a minute or two to get to your inbox - if it's not in your inbox, check your spam / promotions folders too). You could also log in and look at your account to see if your order was successfully placed before trying again).

  2. PRICE GUARANTEE PARTIAL REFUND: If you've purchased tickets for a particular timeslot and find a promocode later which offers tickets to the same timeslot at a lower price than what you paid, we will refund you the difference between what you paid and what the new discount price is. To take advantage of this, contact us PRIOR to your event date/time and include your order number, the promocode you found, the new discount amount being offered, and we'll refund you the difference. Only valid if the timeslot still has tickets remaining at the time you contact us. This way, you can purchase your tickets with confindence knowing that we honor the bigger discounts if they are offered after you've made your purchase so you can experience The RISE at the lowest price for your timeslot.


If you find out later that you are unable to use your tickets, your tickets are transferable so you may give your tickets to family or friends.


The RISE is a rain or shine event. We do not close unless there is a dangerous condition present. Refunds are not provided if it's raining and the event is still on as scheduled. If dangerous weather is forecasted, The RISE will attempt to make a cancellation determination by 4pm and post a message about the cancellation on our website https://www.jackolanterns.com. If the event is postponed, The RISE reserves the right to reschedule the event to a different date and time. Affected ticket holders MUST arrive at their regularly scheduled time slot on the postponement date with their unused RISE tickets. If you are unable to attend on the new date, you may give your tickets to family/friend/etc or use the Self Swap tool to exchange your tickets.  If an alternate date and time option is provided to you and you choose not to go, WE WILL NOT OFFER REFUNDS for any unused tickets. In the event that a date and/or timeslot is cancelled and no general postponement date and time is offered, ticket holders must use the Self-Swap tool to exchange their tickets for an alternative date - again, no refunds will be provided but you can exchange your tickets for another date in 2023. REMEMBER - there is a $5 per ticket fee if you try to exchange your ticket AFTER the date/time on your ticket - so if you must exchange, do so BEFORE your ticket date / time so you don't have to pay this fee.


Tickets may only be used once.  After they are scanned, they cannot be used again.  Anyone attempting to gain entry with a previously scanned ticket will be denied entry. It’s important that you don’t mistakenly print your tickets twice and have more than one person attempt entry using the same ticket number.


The only valid tickets to RISE of the Jack O'Lanterns are those purchased directly from our website, Jackolanterns.com. Tickets purchased from third party sellers or from individuals may be invalid for entry into our event. Visitors attempting to use invalid tickets will be denied entry. We are unable to assist visitors who did not purchase tickets directly from our website, jackolanterns.com. Make sure you purchase your tickets directly from us.

Phew....that was a lot of words to write. Can we go back to carving pumpkins now??? :)

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