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Come be a part of Westchester's newest live pumpkin carving competition, Battle of the Jack O'Lanterns! We're looking for a small and select group of 100 local amateur and professional pumpkin carvers and sculptors to slice and dice 100+ pound pumpkins into gourd-geous works of art LIVE in front of visitors to our event at Yorktown Grange Fairgrounds this October!

          AMATEUR CARVERS - Do it for fun, exposure, and charity!
          $50 Registration Fee (100% REFUNDED after showing up and carving!)
          Carve Solo or with a team of up to 4 carvers.
          Must arrive between 4pm and 4:30pm on carve day.
          Registration Required!  Limited number of spots remaining!  First-come first-served. 
          Chance to win $1,000 for a charity of YOUR choice!


          PROFESSIONAL SCULPTORS & ARTISTS - GET PAID TO CARVE, gain exposure, and win for charity!
          Get Paid $150 Per Night to Carve Pumpkins! Opportunity to carve one or both nights in 2018.
          NO Registration Fee
          Limited number of spots remaining! 
          Must arrive between 4pm and 4:30pm on carve day and stay until 11:30pm.
          Chance to win $1,000 for a charity of YOUR choice!
          Apply NOW by Contacting Us and be sure to include a link for us to view your art work and/or portfolio.
          Get PAID to show off your art/carving skills!  Apply Now!

WHAT TO BRING: Carvers will need to bring their own carving tools, battery operated lights to put in their pumpkin or to shine on their pumpkin and any set dressing to enhance their display.  We supply the 100+ pound pumpkin!

PRIZES: We're giving away $5,000 to charity!  Both our Amateur AND Professional carvers will have a chance to win $1,000 for a charity of their choice!  See our FAQ for more information.

  1. Best Jack O'Lantern (Amateur Category) - $1,000 Prize for Charity
  2. Best Jack O'Lantern (Professional Category) - $1,000 Prize for Charity
  3. Best Sculpted Pumpkin (Amateur Category) - $1,000 Prize for Charity
  4. Best Sculpted Pumpkin (Professional Category) - $1,000 Prize for Charity
  5. Best Use of Props (1 winner from either category) - $1,000 Prize for Charity

     BONUS PRIZE:  Talented Carvers in BOTH categories have a chance to win PAID carving jobs in 2019!

Best Jack O’Lantern:  This is the category for all you traditionalists out there.  Do you love that magical moment when you place a light inside your pumpkin and see the image emerge?   Congratulations, you are a Jack O’Lantern artist.  We are looking for people who have a passion for the most iconic image of Halloween.  It doesn’t just have to be some eyes, a nose, and some pointy teeth.  Witches, ghouls, and goblins alike can all be brought to life through Jack O’Lanterns.  A Jack O’Lantern is any pumpkin that is carved and then lit from within.  If a light inside the pumpkin is required for it to look right, then it is a Jack O’Lantern.

Best Sculpted Pumpkin:  It’s more than just Jack O’Lanterns out there these days.  In recent years we have seen an explosion of sculpted pumpkins on the scene.  Wood carvers, clay sculptors, food artists and craftspeople all over America are discovering that their skills translate very well to pumpkin.  A sculpted pumpkin is considered to be any pumpkin that is lit from outside. Specifically they do not require a light inside or a dark place to be viewed.  Do you think you sculpt an image into a pumpkin that will pop out to our judges, then this category is for you.

Use of Props:  Our hope is that our competitors go all out on the pumpkins this season.  So to encourage everyone to take that extra step, we have created the category; “Best use of Props.”   This includes any non pumpkin items that are integrated into the pumpkin or display area.  This can include flashing lights, spider webs, fake bones, ect.  The more your area “embraces the season of Halloween,” the better your chances of winning.

SPECTATOR TICKETS: Due to the size of the venue, there are a LIMITED NUMBER of SPECTATOR TICKETS available per night!  Advanced Tickets are REQUIRED and we expect tickets WILL SELL OUT.  DISCOUNTS: There are a  limited number of discount tickets at up to 50% here off OR go right to our Buy Tickets Page.

TAKE ACTION NOW!  There are a limited number of pumpkins available per night so REGISTER now to IMMEDIATELY SECURE YOUR SPOT for the Amateur category OR Contact Us to apply to carve as one of our PAID Professional carvers!

Don't let your neighbors be the only ones to see your carving skills this Halloween - take a stab at this competition and show your work off to thousands of visitors at our event!